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Growing up in a Birmingham, Ala., housing project, a young boy once dreamed of one day becoming a Roy Rogers cowboy. Starting from the age of 12, he worked hard to obtain his dream. He had extraordinary ambitions to one day own his own land where he could farm, raise cattle and hunt wild game. With much success, Johnny Vines accomplished his goals in 1983 and is now living his dream..... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Welcome to Quail Creek Brangus, home of Johnny and Donna Vines.
Johnny started out as a child in the Birmingham housing project. He had a dream of one day becoming a Roy Rogerscowboy. From age 12 to 40, he worked hard with the hopes of one day owning his own land where he could hunt and raise cattle. With this ambition, he successfully started a plumbing company and was able to accomplish his goals in 1983.

The land that is now Quail Creek Brangus was very familiar to Johnny as it was close to his grandmother’s and he had hunted there many times. This land had been farmed since the early 1800's and was used by American Indians well before that. The Muckleroy Spring originates just below Johnny and Donna’s house and has been the main attraction of the property for years. This spring provides at least 460 gallons per minute of water at 55 degrees year around. The spring attracted Indians, farmers, Civil War soldiers, and in 1983, The Vines Family.

Johnny and his family first used the land as a hunting preserve, the first hunting preserve started in northern Alabama. In 1988, Donna and the ranch manager showed up with a week old Angus/Holstein bottle calf, and the cattle herd began. By 1990, the Vines were up to 100 commercial brood cows, when Johnny brought home their first 20 Brangus. It didn’t take long to realize that the Brangus excelled over the rest of the cattle. Today the Vines run 100 registered Brangus brood cows on 250 acres, and have purchased top quality bulls such as Garrett of Brinks to cover their cattle.

Johnny has worked hard to be active in the IBBA (international Brangus Breeders Association) serving as Promotions Community member, and two time president of the Alabama Brangus Breeders Association and held many offices including President of the Southeast Brangus Breeders Association. He played an active role in bringing IBBA Summit to Nashville, the first time it has left Texas. He is also an active member in the local Cattlemen’s Association.


Visitors are always welcome at Quail Creek Brangus,
just give us a call and come on by!

Johnny Vines
41190 HWY 231 Steele, AL 35987
Phone: 205-594-5307
Cell: 205-283-0365
E-mail: jrvines@windstream.net


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